10 teas that are perfect for your workout routines: guide to drinking tea before, during and after your exercise

If you are looking for a beverage that is close to zero calorie, is vegan and completely natural, and filled with vital herbs, fruits, flowers, and essential nutrients, then tea is the perfect workout buddy you have been waiting for. Take a look at our 10 tea recommendations that will help you zip through different workout routines and also help you relax after.

Tea is an All-Rounder

We have always been championing teas as a superfood, or should we say super beverage! Tea contains many incredible ingredients, ancient herbs, and goes through unique oxidation and fermentation processes to come out as black tea, green tea, oolong tea, and even non-caffeinated blends. Teas are great for maintaining your overall health and wellness, make for refreshing beauty routines, help keep your skin glowing and hydrated during summers, for helping you sleep better at night, and even make for natural hangover cures. But something we haven’t been as vocal about until recently is the role that teas can play as a workout beverage. Teas can be the perfect sipping buddy while you lunge, curl, extend, crunch, and sweat your way to good health! 

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Tea as a Regular Workout Companion

The hardcore fitness enthusiasts reading this would probably shake their heads in disbelief: tea as a workout pick-me-up? Weird! But just like all workouts are different and the diet you follow differs based on your fitness goals, the beverages you need to consume will also differ based on your exercise routine.

Tea can be a healthy, low-calorie, hydrating, daily workout beverage option for different fitness routines. Yes, this means, skipping the sugar and milk, brewing the tea in advance so that you can bottle it up in the thermos (if you prefer your tea hot before a workout) or allowing the tea to cool and storing it in a bottle for consumption during or after your workout. Let’s see which teas go well with some of the popular fitness routines. 

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Tea and Fitness Routines

Hatha Yoga and tai chi, for example, involve a lot of flowing, rhythmic movements carried on at a slower pace, so a tea that is calming and soothing is ideal. Zumba and aerobics are fast workouts requiring more fuel to give you that quick burst of energy, so teas that would help release energy during the workout would be great and also anything that helps to keep you hydrated.

Kickboxing, weight training, parkour, and high intensity interval workouts (boot camp style) activate different parts of your muscles and therefore, require intense energies over a 2-hour period. We see a lot of gym goers glug down their protein shake with gusto to help them feel energized during and after the workout. 
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1. Teas for yoga, tai chi, and meditation

Try a cup or two of herbal teas or tisanes (floral and fruit-based). These teas will channel your mood to zen mode, help your body release toxins and feel calmer. 

Organic Chamomile & Lemongrass Tea

Chamomile is known for its calming properties, in particular reducing stress and inflammation. Chamomile also aids in relaxation. Lemongrass, which is known for its antioxidants, helps improve natural immunity and also boosts metabolism, which can aid weight loss. This is a caffeine-free herbal tea and is perfect for low-stress workouts. Learn more.


Pure Lavender Tea

Karma Kettle’s organic lavender tea calms a stressed mind and soothes the nerves. Drinking it at bedtime is the best way to enjoy a deep goodnight’s sleep, but we would equally recommend this as a perfect beverage just before your morning meditation. Since it’s free of caffeine, it won’t cause the usual effects of hyper-alertness that’s associated with green tea, oolong tea or black tea. Learn more.

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Organic Tulsi Mulethi Tea 

This refreshing blend contains three kinds of organic tulsi, rama, vanna, and krishna, which not only soothes the nerves and regulates blood flow but also contains antioxidants that promote skin and hair health. Perfect accompaniment during yoga and tai chi.  

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2. Teas for workouts such as power yoga, Zumba, weight training

We recommend green tea, oolong tea or black teas for slightly high intensity, high-energy workouts such as Zumba, power yoga, Pilates, aerobics, or kickboxing. The caffeine content in these teas (which is half the amount found in a cup of coffee) will help release quick bursts of energy, increase mental alertness and keep you focused.

We don’t recommend drinking green or black tea on an empty stomach or first thing in the mornings as it may cause nausea or stomach ache in some people. Always have an energy releasing fruit such as banana, orange or some strawberries, along with nuts and seeds, or dried fruits (dates, figs) in small quantities before you consume tea and begin your workout. 

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Chakra Tea

Organic Chakra tea is a powerful blend containing green tea with ginger, galangal, cinnamon, fennel, curry leaf, turmeric, and rock salt. Ginger aids in muscle recovery and helps relieve pain from soreness; galangal helps fight inflammation and pain; cinnamon helps reduce blood pressure, helps fight infections and repairs tissue damage; and salt helps replenish electrolytes lost during the workout. Overall, the Chakra organic tea helps strengthen your natural immunity and fight common cold and allergies better. Make sure you drink this tea after you have had some fruit or nuts and dried fruits. Learn more.

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Ananda Tea 

An organic blend bringing in the goodness of green tea with tulsi, ginger and marigold to form a powerful composition guaranteed to recharge you and leave you refreshed. It’s just light enough to be had during your workout along with a fruit like banana, apple, or dry fruits and seeds. Learn more.

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Green Tea with Peach and Jasmine 

Jasmine is bursting with antioxidants, is known to boost brain function, and promotes good oral health. Peaches are packed with nutrients and antioxidants. This delicious fruit helps aid digestion, protects the skin, and helps reduce allergy symptoms. Learn more.

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3. Teas for cooling down after a workout

Try matcha teas, ayurvedic chai, or iced teas, especially during summers, to help you replenish lost fluids and electrolytes, cool down your body, and give you a refreshing vibe. Iced teas or cold brews can be prepped in advance, stored in your cold case or thermos and taken with you wherever you are working out. The flavours and aromas of teas also act as wonderful stress busters; so if you have had a gruelling day at the gym, a cup of tea will help you relax further and reset the energy levels. 

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Ayurvedic Chai

This organic chai is a robust black tea loaded with ancient super herbs such as ashwagandha, brahmi and turmeric, as well as ginger, ajwain, fennel, and licorice, each of which transform this brew into a potent health beverage. Ashwagandha is known to reduce stress and anxiety; brahmi reduces inflammation, boosts brain function, and helps lower blood pressure levels; turmeric (haldi) helps reduce inflammation and is a power packed antioxidant that helps keep the heart healthy. Learn more. 

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English Breakfast Tea 

Our English Breakfast Tea is a robust and richly flavoured classic blend combining the best of Assam, Nilgiri and Dooars black tea. When brewed, the tea has light floral undertones and when blended with milk, it produces a strong aroma. The phosphorus and magnesium in the tea help to strengthen the bones, relax the body and reduce stress. Brew this hot cup of chai after your workout and feel the workout soreness escape your body. Learn more. 

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Tahiti Iced Tea with Strawberry, Cockscomb and Hibiscus

A tribute to the Polynesian island, Tahiti is our signature iced tea blend that combines strawberry with hibiscus and cockscomb flowers to give a tart and jamberry flavour. Why do we recommend this as a post-workout treat? Strawberries are a sodium-free, cholesterol free, low calorie food loaded with vitamins, fibre, and high levels of antioxidants that help keep the heart healthy. Hibiscus helps lower blood pressure. Cockscomb, used extensively in Chinese traditional medicine, have astringent properties which help with healing. Learn more.

Gulmarg Kashmiri Kahwa Chai

Our authentic kahwa chai pays tribute to the beauty of Kashmir, a paradise of mountain lakes, pine forests and snow clad peaks. The green tea blend is infused with almonds, safflower, cardamom, apricot, saffron, transforming your hot brew into an indulgent elixir that’s perfect for your post-workout relaxation time. Cardamom is an antioxidant known to improve digestion; apart from being a natural energy booster, almond is known for its skin cleansing properties, leading to a healthy glow; and saffron is a mood enhancer and a powerful antioxidant. Learn more.

Note: This blog is not a substitute for your doctor’s or nutritionist’s advice. Please consult them before consuming teas as part of your workout regime. 

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