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Hotel Rooms:
There’s nothing more welcoming to a guest than enjoying a cup of fine English breakfast tea or unwinding with a cup of Calming Chamomile tea in the comfort of their rooms. Allow your guests to revel in fine experiences with a selection of thoughtfully curated quality tea for guest rooms.

Cafés and Restaurants:
We are passionate about teas that taste great and some of our tea blenders have had experiences of working in the F&B Industry. Our teas make for great pairings with gourmet food and multi-course meals. If you’d like us to customize a menu for your restaurant or café, leave your contact details in the form below

Are you the owner of a gourmet food store? Are you passionate about artisanal produce? A selection of handcrafted and organic certified teas is a must for your Beverage section. Get in touch with us for custom retail solutions.

Return Favours:
Delight your guests at your afternoon high tea or cocktail party or corporate retreat with specially crafted teas from Karma Kettle.

Weddings and Gifts:
We would love to be part of your life’s most important moments. Get in touch with us for customized solutions on wedding gifts and return favours.