Brew with Bliss – The Natural Answer to Insomnia

The love affair of the quintessential 'chai' loving Indian with various aromatic and fruity artisanal teas and tisanes has been brewed quite blissfully. As this shift has now reached the other end of the spectrum, Herbal Teas have emerged as a popular choice among tea lovers. Herbal Teas work as relaxing agents and are best served as bedtime teas. In today’s day and age when sleep and restoring our much-needed energy has become our primary concern, herbal teas are a pleasant departure from sleeping pills and energy tonics. Most of these herbal teas are 100% caffeine-free and are often blended with natural herbs and aromas such as the chamomile and lemongrass, making it a perfect partner for refreshing evenings and peaceful nights. The health benefits of ingredients such as chamomile and lemongrass are aplenty.

Calm with Chamomile:

  • The mildly soothing notes of Chamomile have always been noted for promoting a wholesome sleep cycle, making it a great option for people with insomnia.
  • It is enriched with anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties which help keep illness at bay.
  • It is ideal for consumption post any meal as its natural properties help in aiding digestion and an upset stomach.

Longevity with Lemongrass:

  • The citrus notes in Lemongrass helps you stay energised and refreshed and helps you take on the day head-on.
  • Lemongrass is a great immunity booster and is famous for healing common cold flu and cough.

All in all, herbal teas promises to deliver as a flavourful and refreshing remedy to insomnia and lethargy, it helps in calming your senses with its sweet mild notes and revives with just the right amount of energy that is surely to leave you in a blissful state of mind. Get your hands on Bliss- a chamomile and wide range of herbal teas.

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