Cold Brew

Cold Brew

COLD BREW TEAS is a great new way to extract the maximum flavours and health benefits of tea. Made with tea leaves, herbs, flowers, or fruits - cold brewed tea is an easy and gentle steeping process that creates a sweeter and smoother tasting infusion just like a freshly brewed iced tea. It is a refreshing new drink, full of natural antioxidants, that is fun and convenient to prepare. So all you need is your favourite teabag to brew yourself a bottle of a Cold Brew Tea and feel the goodness of cold brew with great flavours in every sip! So order your teas today!

To know how to brew a cold brew tea, visit:

Currently, we are serving bottled Cold Brew in selected areas in Kolkata.

You can also explore the following tea flavours to brew your own cold brew tea.


Pina Colada
Blue Lagoon
Lebu Cha