Travel Teas to Quench your Wanderlust

For all of those who love travelling, there comes a problem frequently. The feeling of wanderlust, and not being able to quench it for whatever reason there may be. Since we cannot travel full-time, we are no strangers to this feeling of longing to visit that exotic beach or that scenic countryside, sometimes we have to find other ways to ease our wanderlust. Okay, we know nothing compares to the joy of packing and boarding flights and the feeling upon reaching the destination. But if there’s one way to experience some of this feeling that you’re craving, the trick is to deceive your sense of smell and taste by enjoying some exotic teas from your dream destinations. Read on to discover some delectable brews that will make you feel like you’re in your dream travel destination whether it’s Europe or Africa or any part of the world!

Istanbul- All the way from Turkey, which by the way is a tea-lover’s paradise and is very well-known for its elaborate tea culture, is this refreshing hibiscus rose green tea. It is infused with apple bits, strawberries, black currants, and lemon peels. Every single sip is an explosion of flavours on your tongue and the aroma itself will have you traipsing through the bustling, colourful markets of Istanbul. The cup has a citrusy, fruity aroma and notes of warm apple cider and berries.

Seville- Next up, the sunny beaches of Spain! Seville is an exotic blend of Oolong tea with orange peel. This exciting infusion combines the smooth flavour of Oolong tea with the citrus aroma of mandarin orange. What’s more, the blend is made refreshing through the presence of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, and cardamom. The beverage has a perfectly rounded finish and the discerning factor in this tea is that you automatically emit a satisfactory “ahh” after every sip. Guaranteed! 

Marrakech- Our next stop is the breath-taking, sandy Morocco where the people are very welcoming and also known to be huge tea-lovers! Marrakech is a homage to the Moroccan Mint tea. Morocco's famous mint tea is a symbol not only of Moroccan cuisine but also of their hospitality and culture. The beverage is a refreshing infusion of organic green tea, spearmint leaves, peppermint flakes, ginger bits, and lemon peel making it a delight to drink any time of the day. 

Great Wall- This unique blend draws inspiration from one of the great wonders of the world- The Great Wall of China. It combines Longjing tea, also known as dragon well tea, along with lychee fruit, melon seed, melon fruit, and pandan. This combination of premium Chinese tea and oriental fruits and herbs create nuanced layered flavour notes and is a treat to the senses. The sweet and succulent beverage feels like a breath of fresh air and should hold you over till you can board your next flight abroad!

Table Mountain- Next on the list is some delicious, nutty Rooibos tea blended with licorice root, sage, black currant, ginger, fennel & vanilla. This is a blend that originates from the heartlands of Africa. This orchestra of exciting flavours is our way of getting to experience the diverse and colourful traditions and flavours of South Africa.

Santorini- Next Greece! Santorini is a delightful sensory blend that brews to a golden yellow cup like the midday sun in Greece. It also has the aroma of Mediterranean herbs and sweet herbal notes along with a refreshing minty finish. So if you’re having a big Sunday roast or brunch this is the perfect accompaniment.

Mount Fuji- Last on our list of teas to quench your wanderlust is Mount Fuji. Inspired by the Japanese love for tea, Mount Fuji is a Genmaicha green tea blend which is delicate and full of nutty tasting notes. Genmaicha tea has been drunk for centuries by the Japanese and consists of a blend of green tea with roasted brown rice. This earthy brew smells and tastes unique and is energizing. Japan is a dream destination for many of us with their beautiful culture and traditions and this is like a gateway to that incredible place.

Our only suggestion is to close your eyes, take in the delightful aroma, and sip on these teas till you have enough time and money to visit all your dream vacation spots!

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