5 Quick and Easy Home Remedies for an Upset Stomach

Indigestion. Bloating. Acidity. Nausea. Cramps. Food allergies. All of us have dealt with an upset stomach at one point or another. They can be really painful and uncomfortable. Often we take a bunch of medication or just curl up in bed as we wait for it to pass on its own. However, not many of us know that there is an easy and healthy solution to the pain and discomfort, right in our homes - a hot cup of tea. It does not only alleviate the pain but also provides immediate relief without any side effects. The following is a list of teas we recommend drinking, when you’re dealing with an upset stomach. 

  1. Ginger Tea - Ginger has been used medicinally for thousands of years as a cure for digestive issues of all kinds. This is primarily because Ginger contains the compound Gingerol which is responsible for increased digestive responsiveness and also helps to fight bloating. Ginger also helps with morning sickness and motion sickness. Ginger tea is a great choice to soothe the stomach and relieve stomach pain.

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  2. Fennel Tea - Fennel seeds are used extensively for treating or helping deal with an array of digestive issues such as bloating, loss of appetite, gas and so on. In fact, throughout history Fennel tea has been used for its medicinal potent and ability to boost metabolism and ease stomach aches. So when in doubt, brew yourself a cup of fennel tea and wait for it to work wonders.

  3. Peppermint Tea - Peppermint tea is one of the best natural remedies to stomach upset or indigestion. It is rich in antioxidants which helps to flush out the toxins in the body and improves metabolism. The presence of certain volatile oils in peppermint, stimulates the gallbladder which then helps to digest fat. Not only is peppermint tea good for digestion and stomach upsets but also for the overall well-being of the body.

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  4. Chamomile Tea - Chamomile contains chemicals called flavonoids which give the plant its medicinal properties. Chamomile tea, much like the other teas in our list, helps to reduce abdominal gas and bloating and also alleviates pain caused due to cramps. It also possesses anti-inflammatory properties soothes stomach conditions and relieves stress.

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  5. Holy Basil Tea - Holy Basil tea, also known as Tulsi Tea, is widely used in Indian medicine and Ayurveda. The key characteristic of this tea is that it helps to combat stress, which in turn is responsible for stomach ulcers. It also repairs the lining of the digestive tract and protects it.

While sipping on some tea can help provide relief and soothe the stomach ache, if the pain continues to persist or occur frequently, we recommend consulting a doctor. Stay safe, stay healthy!

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