6 Fun Ideas for Wedding Favours Perfect for your Eco-Friendly Wedding

Wedding favours are a nice way to express your gratitude to the guests for joining you on your big day. As more and more people come to realise the impact that a traditional wedding has on the environment, weddings have started to go the greener way. There are several ways in which a wedding can be made greener- using recyclable plates, decorating with sustainably grown flowers or renting linens. However, the easiest place to start would be to give away eco-friendly wedding favours. Not only can you do good for the environment, but also spread a very important message.

Here are 6 eco-friendly ideas for wedding favours that everyone will love! 

  1. Succulents - Succulents are becoming increasingly popular as a decorative item for weddings, homes and even offices. These tiny, colourful and unique plants are very easy to maintain and can be incorporated into a wide range of aesthetic styles. Oh and they also emit oxygen 24 hours a day!

    Check out Greenish for brilliant plant wedding favour ideas

  2. Reusable water bottles - Swap out the disposable, single-use plastic to reusable materials such as copper or steel. Reusable water bottles are a very handy gift and can be long-lasting as well. The greatest gifts are often ones that last long.You can also customize said bottles and personalize them according to preferences.

  3. Reusable bags - Hand out stylish, reusable bags as a way to reduce the usage of plastic bags and share your commitment to save the planet, with your friends and family. These eco-friendly bags are practical, thoughtful and can be used again and again.

    Zazzle has some clean, minimalistic, reusable bags for wedding favours

  4. Seed bombs - Seed bombs are a simple yet creative idea for environmentally conscious wedding favours. One can simply scatter the seeds on top of the soil without doing any digging. What’s more, seed bombs are budget friendly and very, very good for the environment.

    Check out Pepaa for seed bombs, seed balls and more

  5. Organic tea blends - Organic tea is a great option for a wedding favour as food and drink is always appreciated. Additionally, every time they brew a rich, flavorful cup, they will be reminded of your eco-friendly wedding. Not all eco-friendly wedding favours have to be plants or seeds.

    Karma Kettle teas offer a wide range of premium organic tea blends 

  6. Customized candles - If you’re looking for wedding favour ideas that won't get tossed or discarded after the wedding ceremony, look no further than some aromatic, personalized candles. Pretty looking, great smelling and customizable packaging make it a smart, pocket-friendly option.



 Brides has a ton of options and variations for candles perfect for your guests

That concludes the list of ideas for eco-friendly wedding favours. Feel free to experiment with these ideas and pick out what works best for you and is also good for the environment. Reduce your carbon footprint and do your little bit!

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