5 Fruit-Flavoured Teas to Make Hydration Less of a Chore

With India in the midst of peak summer season, the sun is blazing, and humidity and temperatures are both climbing. Dehydration can manifest itself in a number of ways- muscle cramps, fatigue, kidney stones, or mild constipation. At a time like this, when our body loses a lot of fluid content through sweat, it’s of utmost importance to keep yourself hydrated. 

Some easy to follow tips to stay hydrated are- eat foods with high water content like whole fruits and vegetables, sip some water every time you sweat, have clear goals about your water intake, and lastly have fun with hydration! How do you ask? By adding a dash of fruity flavour and nourishing properties to your water. Yes, tea! 

The following are six excellent fruit-flavoured teas you can enjoy iced this summer season!

Jasmine and Peach - A summertime special which combines the aromatic jasmine flowers with juicy peach to create a magical blend which will take you into a state of Zen. Lovely floral notes of jasmine greet the nose which continue into the palate with juicy peach. Hints of herby, grassy notes are also present. Good flavour? Check. Healthy? Check. Refreshing? Check.

Strawberries and Cockscomb - This signature iced tea fuses hibiscus tea with strawberries and cockscomb to produce a rejuvenating jam-berry, tart flavour. It’s a fruity delight and you will experience an explosion of sweet and sour flavours in your mouth with each sip. Not only does the infusion have a tart, crisp finish but when brewed it turns into a striking pink-ruby colour! Looks heavenly and tastes even better. This will help you hack your hydration by making it seem tasty and fun!

Oolong with Orange - If we were to describe this drink in one word, it would be- extravagant. Everything from the flavour profile to the mouthfeel and how it sits in your stomach is incredible. Primarily its ingredients are rich oolong tea, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom, dried orange peel, and dried sweet lime peel. The smooth flavour of oolong combined with the citrus aromas of mandarin orange and the refreshing blend of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and cardamom make it exotic and delicious. This blend boasts of a perfectly rounded finish with subtle fruity notes and warm spices. It’s so tasty it won’t seem like you’re hydrating forcefully!

Green tea and Mango - How can any list of summertime drinks be complete without Aam Panna! This is a take on the traditional Indian drink with some exciting twists! Bursting with the flavours of juicy, ripe yellow mango and the slight tang of green mangoes, paired with the tantalizing sharpness from cumin, this blend is THE perfect iced tea for this summer. It will make you nostalgic and it will refresh you and work wonders to keep you hydrated because once you start sipping, it’s hard to put down the cup!

Watermelon and Rosehip - This blend infuses the tart, cranberry flavour of hibiscus, the floral touch from rosehip and the invigorating coolness of watermelon. The three elements enhance each other’s flavours and complement each other harmoniously. This drink is an excellent way to keep your body hydrated and nourished as well as your cravings for sugary cocktails in check!

These five  fruit-based drinks are meant to make hydration an easy, fun, and tasty task this summer season. But we cannot possibly overstate the importance of having just cool, clean water. Carry a water bottle at all times and keep sipping and you will be good to go! 

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