8 Reasons to Love Summer

You know its peak summer season in India when the sun’s blazing, temperatures are soaring higher than ever, the cotton shirt you’re wearing is plastered to your back, and your hair looks like you have just stepped out of the shower. Why then, despite the heat, humidity, and sweat do people still love summers? Well, it turns out there’s more to summers than just that. Summers bring with it a bunch of things we love!

Fresh, juicy fruits

Three words- lychee, mangoes, and watermelons. Need we say more? Some of the very best tropical fruits are available in India during summer months. Take your pick among the king of fruits- the juicy, sweet mangoes, the delightfully refreshing watermelon, or the pale-white, lip-smacking flavor of lychee. No better feeling than biting into one of these delectable fruits and feeling the juice run down the side of your mouth!

Early morning walks

Summer mornings start earlier and you know what that means. Get together a band of your friends, family or even your neighbors and go enjoy the early morning cool weather while also getting in some exercise. Or you can just go by yourself and plug in some music. You can beat the heat by going early and you can make pit stops to enjoy refreshing drinks like coconut water or sugarcane juice.

Take a dive

Summer brings with it the swimming season! Swimming is just fun whether it’s splashing around with friends, doing laps by yourself, or even just relaxing by its side. Go to your local pool, get a membership at a club, or even find a lake and take a dive! Oh and not to forget how fun pool parties can be. It’s a nice way to unwind and get some exercise at the same time.

Light, comfortable clothing

Another wonderful part of summers is how little clothing you have to put on! Light-colored cotton shirts, short shorts, sleeveless tops, and flip-flops! Just throw it on and you’re good to go. You also get a chance to flex your toned summer body. And put on some sunglasses for good measure.

Vacations and road trips

One of the best parts about summers are the vacations and road trips and endless Goa plans. Whether you’re a working professional or a student, one thing you can look forward to always during the summers are trips! Get together a band of your nearest and dearest and book tickets to a chilly hill station or just pack two sets of shirts and set off on a road trip!

Chilled beverages

Summers are also the PERFECT time to enjoy chilled beverages! Remember how we used to run back home after an intense afternoon of playing in the sun and our moms would be waiting with some ice-cold Aam Panna at home?! A wonderful way to beat the sweltering heat is to sip on some delicious chilled iced-teas or cold brews. Not only do they look good but they’re also delicious! Definitely the best part of summer!


How can any list of summers be complete without the mention of ice-creams! You’re never too old to enjoy some ice-cream during the summer season. What would be better than running into an ice-cream stand and getting your favorite chilled delight! We love summers because we can have ice-cream guilt-free without worrying about catching a cold!


Summers are tailor-made for picnics. They are such a wonderful way to spend your day. They are very easy to plan and you can make them as simple or as elaborate as you want. You can grab a few sandwiches and a couple cold brews and head out with a bed sheet or you can make a proper meal and carry cutlery and plates and card games and such. Sunny weather, good company, and some pure, simple fun!

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