Which snack makes a good tea-mate to masala chai?

A cup of piping hot masala black tea has been witness to countless debates, stored countless secrets, accompanied last minute rainy holidays and catered to a bad headache on sick days. Every morning when the cities and ghats of India begin their daily humdrum, every nondescript tea stall provides respite to on-goers when they buy their own version of Indian Masala Tea.

Since, “chai-naashta” has been such an integral part of every household, in a diverse country like India, masala black tea has met its match in every state with their very own tea-snack.

Here are few Indian snack items that are accepted as tea-mates pan-India:

  • Bhaaji - There is nothing like having some ready-made masala tea with onion fries on a rainy day. This snack has won the hearts across all age groups and is a fore-runner as an accompaniment
  • Samosa - No family get-together is complete without some chai and samosa. Whether it is your overseas based aunt who has come over for holidays or your gossip hungry neighbour- they both love some good old Indian Masala Tea with samosa
  • Maggi - Every student and young professional living off themselves in a hostel or new city know the joys of having Maggi with chai. This duo have come to our rescue on lazy days, sick days, exam days and continues to be a star pair
  • Kalonji/Nimki - This fried crunchy snack is addictive and packs a great punch with some hot masala tea during evenings. Almost every second home-maker has befriended this gem before watching her favourite daily soap on TV
  • Biscuit and Cookies - Biscuit is the common man’s tea-mate after an earnest day’s effort. Biscuits and cookies have probably been paired uncountable times, spanning generations on simple to extravagant occasions

No matter what hour of the day, Indians have fondly associated their favourite chai with a snack. It is more than just an accompaniment to the beverage. Chai naashta is an emotion. In order to sip in a little bit of India, buy masala chai Benaras- a readymade black tea with herbs and spices from https://amzn.to/2z3Rxa4 and pair if with your favourite tea-mate.

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