Which came first, coffee or tea?

Coffee and tea, just like peanut butter and jelly, have a unique chemistry and shared history in numerous households and cafes all around the world. Wherever one goes, the other tags along pretty much every time. A question that comes to mind now is which one of the two originated first, tea or coffee?

Origin of Tea-
Tea was first prepared in China around 2700 BC, making it one of the world’s earliest beverages. Evidence shows that tea was consumed for a good thousand years before coffee was cultivated for the very first time. After its discovery, tea was initially consumed only by Emperor Shen Nung of China and his disciples. Later, it started gaining currency in Japan, India and other Asian nations. Several years later, during the 17th century, tea was introduced to Europe and it immediately became their drink of choice.

Origin of Coffee-
Coffee, on the other hand, was developed in Yemen for the first time, around 900 AD, three thousand years after tea started getting consumed. Both the elite and commoners consumed coffee alike. Its popularity started increasing in the Middle East, till it ultimately reached Europe and then America.

Read on, to find a list of the different varieties of teas and coffees that are widely consumed all around the world.


Green Tea-
Green tea is one of the least processed types of tea as it is made from unoxidized leaves and hence is packed with a variety of antioxidants carrying various health benefits. It originated in China and then spread to other countries in East Asia. Here’s a list of green teas that are a must-try!

Green Tea with Mango and Cumin- Aam Salaam
Green tea infused with the slightly sour tang of green mango and cumin, Aam Salaam is a refreshing take on the traditional Indian drink, aam panna.

Rose Green Tea with Lychee-
Green tea with a wondrous floral aroma, infused with rose petals and lychee flavour. This incredible blend has been able to strike a perfect balance of fruity and floral notes, that will tranquilize the mind, body and soul.

Black Tea-
Black tea is more oxidised as compared to green tea and has a flavour that is usually much stronger than other teas. Like green tea, black tea originated in China, but unlike green tea, black tea can retain its flavour for several years. Read on to find a list of some delectable black teas.

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea-
Sourced from the tea estates in Darjeeling, this black tea is made from tea leaves plucked from late May to June every year. It is known for its rich palate, which is fruity and versatile, and slightly milder than its First Flush counterpart.

A heavenly blend of black tea infused with apples and caramel. The refreshing flavour of black tea combined with the sweetness of caramel and the goodness of apples is the perfect dessert tea to be enjoyed after a hearty meal.


Arabica and Robusta-
Arabica usually has a lighter and sweeter taste, with a subtle hint of chocolate or sugar. Robusta typically has a much stronger and bitter taste with a slight rubbery overtone. Given below is a list of a few amazing Arabica and Robusta blends for all the coffee lovers out there!

Wake Me Up-
Arabica and robusta blend, a piping hot cup of this roasted ground coffee are perfect to be had in the morning, to electrify you for a long and hectic day ahead.

Irish Cream and Caramel-
A divine blend of roasted ground coffee with Irish cream and caramel. Perfect for lovers of all things caramel, this coffee is here to satisfy all your dessert cravings and lift your spirits.

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