The difference between matcha and green tea!

Admit it, we all love scrolling through Instagram and watching those aesthetic matcha reels, but we still have no clue how it differs from the typical green tea. However, matcha is in fact very different from green tea. They have different flavours, cultivation methods and health benefits. The only similarity that they have is that they both come from the same Camellia Sinensis plant. 

Green tea usually has a mild and subtle flavour. It is extremely refreshing and based on how it is processed and what condiments have been added, it can have floral, fruity or grassy notes. On the other hand, Matcha is quite well known for having a bitter yet earthy taste, containing no astringency, and being full of a unique umami flavour. It is usually made with milk in the form of lattes and so is associated with a thick, frothy texture with a sweet taste.

Method of Cultivation-
The majority of the world’s green tea is cultivated in China, whereas matcha mainly comes from Japan. Matcha tea leaves are darker and have higher chlorophyll content as they are grown in the shade, whereas green tea is grown under the sun. 

Preparation -
Green tea is prepared by steeping tea leaves whereas matcha is prepared by mixing the matcha powder in water or milk and whisking it to avoid lumps.

Health Benefits-
Both green tea and matcha provide several health benefits as they are packed with antioxidants. Green tea improves mental alertness and memory and aids in weight loss. Matcha, on the other hand, improves metabolism and strengthens the blood vessels in the heart.

Read on to find some matcha and green tea blends that you must try!

Vanilla Matcha-
For all the matcha lovers out there, try our ceremonial grade matcha infused with vanilla notes and enjoy the silky smooth goodness in your lattes!


Matcha Mandarin Orange-
Ceremonial-grade matcha infused with Mandarin orange creates perfect harmony between the sweet grassy notes of matcha and the citrusy flavour of orange.


Gulmarg Kashmiri Kahwa Tea-
A tribute to the beauty of Kashmir, this is a blend of green tea infused with almonds, safflower, cardamom, apricot and saffron to create a burst of delicious flavours in your mouth.


Rose Green Tea with Lychee-
Green tea with a wondrous floral aroma, infused with rose petals and lychee flavour. This incredible blend has been able to strike a perfect balance of fruity and floral notes that will tranquillise the mind, body and soul.


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