Top Benefits of Herbal Tea

When it comes to the goodness of teas, none are quite as beneficial as the herbal tea. It is a beverage with quality, flavour and history. Herbal teas deserve credit not only for how great it tastes but also for it’s properties. Commonly used herbs in teas are thyme, basil, peppermint, oregano sage and so on. When included as part of your daily consumption and lifestyle, herbal teas are known to improve your overall health.

Let’s explore the potential herbal tea benefits on our health and wellness:

  • Thyme: Thyme leaves are abundant with minerals, and other antioxidants, including potassium, manganese, calcium, iron, and selenium. Potassium helps in regulating blood pressure, while iron contributes to the formation of red blood cells in the body. Understandably, Thyme tea is a great option for improving cardiovascular health.
  • Basil: Basil is famous for containing adaptogen, which is essential for coping with stress. This little but powerful herb is known to keep your muscles and joints working properly. What’s more, basil tea may also help usher cholesterol out of your body before it has the chance to be absorbed.
  • Peppermint: This minty herb has been used for thousands of years for its refreshing minty taste. It is useful in bowel problems, it acts as a muscle relaxant and fights headaches, it’s anti-bacterial properties are known to fight dental plaque. Used as a flavouring agent in breath mints, candies, peppermint is also a sought after option as a caffeine-free tea.
  • Rosemary: An evergreen shrub native to the Mediterranean region, Rosemary tea aids weight loss, boosts memory, prevents cancer, and aids digestion. Rosemary tea has diterpenes that exhibit anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antidepressant, and anxiolytic properties Having rosemary tea can help decelerate memory loss.
  • Oregano: Oregano contains flavonoid and phenolic compounds and consuming it in tea may help with certain inflammatory conditions, such as muscle or joint pain, skin irritation, or dry coughs.

Aiming for a healthy lifestyle is no easy feat. It requires a lifestyle change from waking up early for a jog, eating healthy and resisting indulgent food. Herbal tea is not a one-stop solution to a healthy lifestyle, but it is most certainly a necessary addition to a healthier life. If one has to buy herbal teas, various herbal teas are known to have these beneficial properties, but one such tea that has all these herbs blended with other aromatic spices to create a delightful culinary tea is Santorini– a Mediterranean blend that evokes the culinary flavors of the region to a tea-cup. It can be served both as a cold and a hot brew and it compliments Italian, Mediterranean and Mexican cuisines as a go-to beverage.

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