Top 7 Unique Gifting Ideas for Diwali

Gifts are and will always be a very endearing medium to express emotion. Giving or receiving them have always produced joy, and what better occasion to present gifts to your loved ones than during festivities. Similarly, tea has always been a great conversation stimulator for every occasion and every social gathering in India. So this Diwali, we have hand-picked some of the best tea-gifting options that will make the festival exchanging of gifts, a memorable one.

Maya: What better way to share your joy with the cousin who has a sweet tooth than gifting an assorted box of chocolates accompanied with Maya- a luscious and sinfully delicious black tea blend comprising of Assam and Nilgiri black teas with cocoa nibs, butterscotch, white & dark chocolate sprinkles and cranberries.

Discover India: There’s always an Uncle who recalls stories of travelling in his prime. An ideal gift for him could be a box of postcards from all over the country along with Discover India- a gift box that offers tribute to India, which is a melting pot of diverse cultures and varied cuisines. The teas and blends handpicked for this gift box represent this diversity with its enticing flavours and aromas, and will surely be a great conversation starter.

Kolkata Series: Who doesn’t have that friend who has left Kolkata years back and only pays a visit during Diwali to reunite over nostalgia? To gift your friend a trip down the memory lane, a good recipe book along with Kolkata Series- a collection of teas that celebrate the different flavours from our city of joy, will be an ideal option.

Southern Scapes: Diwali is a festival that brings together people from different communities across the country. If you have friendly neighbours who have shifted to your city and made it home, a box of assorted home fragrances along with Southern Scapes could be a great gifting idea. This gift box brings together distinct handpicked blends using spices, herbs & teas native to the southern hinterlands, creating irresistible infusions that appeal to all palates.

Connoisseurs Collection: Balancing work and personal life can never be possible without the support of a good leader, mentor or boss, and Diwali provides us with the opportunity to let them know of how grateful we are for their constant support. An ideal choice could be a home decor item accompanied by the Connoisseurs Collection Gift Box- a collection of exquisite tea blends that promote goodwill, harmony and good health.

Artisan’s Choice Tea: Mothers are the sweetest people on earth and they deserve all the love and pampering on special occasions. A gift box with her favourite skincare products and a box of Artisan’s Choice tea is a great option. This bespoke tea gift box contains three carefully picked silver tips white tea blended with the choicest aromatic flowers, fruits and spices that will help your mother unwind and relax after a tiring day.

Meditation In My Tea Cup Gift Box: For that aunt who always promises to give up sweets, for that health-conscious friend who is always on the lookout for healthy beverages- Meditations in my teacup contains a selection of four handcrafted teas that bring balance and remove stress. So this Diwali, one can also gift good health to their loved ones.

So, share some love and joy this Diwali and get gifting! Checkout our Gifting Catalogue for more options.

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