Mother’s Day: Gift your mom 5 memorable voyages with our travel-inspired teas

Our Mother’s Day tea collection features 6 travel-inspired teas and a limited edition gift box that will transport the most special women in our lives to mystical and unique travel destinations across India.

Mother's Day Memories

Mother's Day always takes us back to our childhood, to some of our earliest memories with our moms. And food has been such an integral part of these moments! We loved tasting chocolates and juices, threw a fit before gulping down garam doodh, and felt like a grown up when we got to sip our first cup of chai. Through all this masti, our mothers have been our CCO - Chief Cheerleading Officer - as well as our co-conspirator in all our dreams and adventures.



Travels in My Tea Cup

How do you express gratitude, appreciation and love for our mothers? This Mother’s Day, we encourage you to take your moms on an adventure, one that allows her to feel safe and comfortable at home during these turbulent times, and yet experience a measure of joy. How, you ask? Travel with a cup of tea to 5 memorable destinations in India. As one of our favourite movie character says, "adventure is out there!" 


Mother's Day Travel Itinerary

We have drawn up a delightful itinerary that will pique your mom’s interest, stir her taste buds, capture her sense of wonder, and transport her to realms previously unexplored. She’ll begin her journey at the popular skiing destination of Gulmarg up north, then make her way down to Uttar Pradesh for an immersive cultural trip to Benares, proceed to the sublime trails of Darjeeling and Batasia in West Bengal, and finally come to rest atop the breathtaking Nathula for some scenic views of the mountains in Sikkim. 

Let’s explore our Mother's Day travel-inspired teas:

Gulmarg Kashmiri Kahwa Tea

Our authentic kahwa chai pays tribute to the beauty of Kashmir, a paradise of mountain lakes, pine forests and snow clad peaks. This green tea blend is infused with almonds, safflower, cardamom, apricot, saffron, transforming your hot brew into an indulgent elixir to enjoy at home. 


Benares Masala Chai Featuring Assam Black Tea

This organic Assam black tea masala chai is blended with a super set of organic spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, fennel, mace, nutmeg, and bay leaf, as well as organic botanicals such as rose petals and safflower for a complex yet refreshingly energizing brew. The secret ingredient? Saffron! It doesn’t get more authentic than this.


Batasia Organic Darjeeling Black Tea

Batasia is our organic Darjeeling black tea - universally acknowledged as the “champagne of teas” due to its unique muscatel flavours - sourced from a boutique tea estate. This tea has considerably less astringency and encompasses more layers and complexities than a typical black tea.

Batasia Tea from Karma Kettle

Darjeeling First Flush Tea 

This black tea is unique for its muscatel flavour and exquisite floral bouquet. We recommend brewing this tea without milk. With tinges of green, Darjeeling First Flush brews to a vibrant cup with hints of muskmelon or cantaloupe fruits. It ends with a succulent, lingering finish.

Darjeeling First Flush Tea from Karma Kettle

Darjeeling Second Flush Tea

This classic black tea is exquisite with tones of muscat (a variety of grape), orange, earth, and wood. A citrusy, robust brew that’s perfect for your evening tea time break. It is medium-bodied, finely balanced and rounded with a smooth finish.

Darjeeling Second Flush

Nathula Herbal Tea

A herbal floral loose leaf tisane featuring Himalayan rhododendron, tulsi, clove basil, marigold, and calendula transporting you to the scenic vistas of Gangtok. The Nathula tisane is a perfect aid for sleep and relaxation. Also, the rhododendron flowers have antimicrobial properties and will help nourish your skin.


Mystical India Special Edition Gift Box

From the banks of holy Ganges in Benares to the divine beauty of Kashmir to the majestic ranges of Nathula, our Mystical India limited edition gift box allows you to experience the diversity of India with 3 unique blends. Mystical India limited edition gift box set features the Gulmarg Kashmiri kahwa green tea, Benares masala chai, and the Nathula herbal tisane with rhododendron, tulsi and calendula.

    All the Mother's Day special teas can be purchased online on our website. Here's the special link

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