Flowers that can enhance the taste of your tea!

Since the earliest times, floral buds have been infused in teas along with various other ingredients to create delicious blends. Floral teas come under the category of herbal teas and are considered to be very healthy as they are caffeine free. Whether you’re thinking of beautiful spring flowers, a chilled iced tea to cool down your body during summer or just love the flowery aroma, a nice floral tea is the best way to satisfy your soul. Read on to find a list of various floral teas that have a wondrous aroma and palate coupled with a number of health benefits!

Jasmine Tea-
Jasmine tea is a tea made with pretty white blossoms and has a very mild and soothing aroma. Jasmine teas are usually yellowish or light brown in colour and have a slightly sweet palate. They are packed with antioxidants and have been shown to boost the immunity system, reduce stress, bring down cholesterol levels and improve mental clarity.


Lavender Tea- 
Lavender is known all around the world for its soothing and relaxing properties. Since lavender is too strong to be used as a solo ingredient, it is usually infused in tea blends along with other herbs to impart a delicate floral taste and scent. It has an earthy and flowery palate with mildly minty and smokey-tasting notes. Lavender is known for reducing stress, improving sleep and rejuvenating the body. It contains vitamin C, calcium and magnesium that help in boosting immunity and curing viral infections.


Hibiscus Tea-
Floral teas usually impart a mild and delicate flavour, but hibiscus teas have a fruity, sour and astringent flavour resembling that of cranberries. Hibiscus teas can be prepared both hot and cold. Packed with antioxidants, hibiscus teas boost the immunity system and are good for improving eye and skin health.




Chamomile Tea-
Chamomile is a classic example of a single-ingredient herbal tea. It has a very light and pleasant flavour and can be cherished at any time of the day. Chamomile tea is good for curing sore throats, reducing anxiety and calming the body after a hectic day.



Rose Tea-
Rose, the flower symbolizing love, is often infused in a variety of herbal tea blends. Rose lends a mildly sweet flavour, a beautiful pink colour and a soothing aroma to the tea. It also has a number of health benefits like reducing inflammation, improving the digestive system and imparting a sense of calm and well-being. 


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