How to make a Cup of Tea Using a Tea Bag

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world after water, which makes it a part of our daily rituals. One cup of the classic black tea to energise and one cup of lavender tea to unwind. Earlier, tea used to be made in huge pots. Hot water was poured over a bundle of tea leaves to obtain one cup of tea!

We all know that a tea bag is a small, porous, sealed bag, typically containing just tea leaves or natural herbs, fruits and flowers. This is immersed in water to make an aromatic infusion.

Tea bags were invented sometime around 1900 and helped to make this process more convenient and make tea available in spaces like the office, aircrafts and lounges. The dried leaves are removed after brewing it for optimal taste. With tea-bags, this can be done without a tea strainer. Decades later, this became a part of our daily habits and have changed to staple-free and pyramid tea bags.

Follow this quick and easy step-by-step guide to make a top-notch cup, using tea bags. The best place to start is to choose the right tea, according to your mood and personal preferences. So picking the right tea is crucial when you want to make the perfect cup of tea.

Here’s what you’ll need-

  1. Teabag of your choice
  2. 16 oz. of hot water (450ml approx)
  3. Cup


The first step is to place the tea-bag of your choice into an empty cup. Depending on the mood and preferences, one can choose green tea when in need of a little energy boost or a nice cup of chamomile when looking to relax. There's tea for every mood and setting.


The next step is pouring the hot water into the cup. The key is to find the right balance. Water that is too hot will end up in burnt tea leaves and too cold will give you a flavourless drink. To make sure you get the best results, we recommend using water that is just at boiling temperature.

Note: Always use freshly drawn, clean water.


Gently dunk the tea bag into the water a few times as it reduces the concentration around the leaf and induces dissolution so that the tea leaves can release their flavour and aroma.



The steeping should not take more than 2-3 minutes. The final step is to remove the teabag from the cup and serve. Your delicious, healthy cup of tea is ready. Enjoy the perfect cup of tea!

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