How To Have The Perfect Summer Picnic

The summer sun is shining bright and there’s hours and hours of warmth and daylight to revel in before the evening gloom sets in. A perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon is to plan a simple, relaxing picnic with your friends or family. Of course, you could just book a table for 8 at the restaurant you frequent on weekends but why not try something a little different for once? After all, we’re all about new and exciting experiences and there’s something really joyful about sitting in the bright sunlight with your favourite people and munching on some delightful food and sipping on ice-cold beverages.

Remember, the key to pulling off a picnic successfully and ensuring that everyone has fun is to put in thought and planning into it. They can be very frustrating to go into under-prepared. Imagine getting to the picnic spot and realizing someone forgot to get the blankets you planned to sit on and keep the food on. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind when planning one yourself!

Keep the food simple- So the rule of thumb when planning the meal for a picnic is to keep it really simple. You don’t want to make a mess or complicate things when transporting the food from your home to the spot. And you want it to be easy to eat. So essentially we’re talking about staying away from elaborate dishes, anything with too much grease or fried food, or something that splashes around like soup. Generally, fresh, natural fruits and salads, and finger foods like sandwiches are a good way to go. Cut up cheese is another lovely option to savour while lounging under the shade of a tree and enjoying the soft breeze.

Pack the essentials- Now that we have dealt with the food part, let’s talk about what else you will need to have an epic summer picnic. Some essential items that are a must are- a large blanket/bedsheet to sit on, paper napkins, wipes, water bottles, and trash bags to keep the place clean and leave it as it was before you came.

Cool beverages- Munching on some sandwiches in the open air sounds lovely but you will also need something to wash it down with. You can go for lattes, buttermilk, ginger ale, milkshakes, or our personal favourites- iced teas and cold brew teas! Brightly coloured, chilled, refreshing iced teas that pack a punch are just the thing you need to tie the picnic together beautifully. Not only does it make the setup look Instagram-worthy but also mouth-watering! A bite of your favourite sandwich, a sip of some delicious, cold iced-tea, and jokes and laughter shared with your loved ones under the shade of a tree. Perfection!

Fun and games- Last on the list but also very crucial to a good picnic experience would be to pack your favourite board games and sports gear. Whether it be a pack of Uno, Monopoly, Jenga, or cards, such games are a hoot and a wonderful way to spend the time. You can even pack a Frisbee, a cricket bat and ball, or badminton racquets if you’re more of the sporty type. And what’s more, if there’s a pond or a stream near your spot you can take your trunks and go for a dip! The options are endless.

A few extra pointers would be to be prepared for emergencies by carrying a first-aid box filled with the essentials and to pick the picnic spot carefully so as to ensure that it’s pretty, not too warm and has just enough shade and breeze. Happy picnicking!

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