Top 5 Mango Tea Recipes

What’s the best thing about summer? Certainly, mangoes!

Nothing tastes sweeter on a hot summer day than a glass of Mango Iced Tea or Mango in your food recipe. Mango iced tea is the latest sensation! The best part is that you can use whole mangoes or mango pulp to prepare this amazing beverage at home from scratch.

Apart from smooth-running mango iced tea, we will have a snapshot on some exhilarating mango tea recipes.

1. Mango Iced tea Recipe:

- 1 cup granulated sugar
- 1 cup of water
- 2 large ripe mangos, peeled and diced
- 10 regular sized mango tea bags
- 6 cups of water

- Fill a saucepan with 6 cups of water, boil it.
- Place ten regular size mango tea bags into the boiling water.
- Boil 30 seconds and remove the pot from the heat.
- Allow to steep and cool slightly for 5 minutes.
- Fill a half-gallon pitcher with ice cubes, pour the tea over the ice.
- Pour about 4 tablespoons of raw-mango syrup into the pitcher.
- Fill with freshly brewed tea & garnish with lemon & mint.


2. Fruit Mango Slushy:

Mangoes are packed with vitamins C and A. Mango tea adds a splashing freshness. Lime and chile keep this slushy spicy and bright.

- 2 large mangoes, peeled, cut into 1″ pieces, frozen (about 4 cups)
- 2½ cups coconut water
- ⅔ cup fresh lime juice (from about 4½ limes)
- ¾ tsp. kosher salt
- 1 tsp. Aleppo-style pepper
- ⅔ cup of mango tea

Blend mango,mango tea, coconut water, lime juice, salt, 1 tsp. pepper, and 2 cups ice in a blender until smooth. Divide among glasses, then sprinkle with more pepper. Slushy can be made 1 hour ahead. Store in blender jar in the freezer, then re-blend on high speed to re-incorporate.


3. Tropical mango, Carrot, and Ginger Smoothie:

- 1 orange, peel and white pith removed
- 1 large carrot, coarsely chopped
- ½ cup frozen mango chunks
- ¾ tsp. kosher salt
- ½ cup of mango tea
- ⅔ cup coconut water
1 tablespoon shelled raw hemp seeds
¾ teaspoon finely grated peeled ginger
1½ teaspoons finely grated peeled turmeric
Pinch of cayenne pepper
Pinch of kosher salt

Using smoothie or ice crush setting, purée orange, carrot, mango,mango tea, coconut water, hemp seeds, ginger, turmeric, cayenne, salt, and ½ cup ice in a blender until smooth.


4. White Mango Sangria:

Sangria, anyone? While many sangrias are dark and somewhat heavy, the white mango sangria is quite the opposite. Everything we love about the wine punch is included, it simply uses a brighter fruit like mango and wine blend.

Toss in a whole host of freshly made mango tea, squeezed citrus juices, then top it with lemon-lime soda. It’s perfect for a spring brunch or summer gathering.


5. Vitamin C Superfruit Salad:

- 1½” piece ginger, peeled, finely grated
- ⅓ cup carrot juice
- 2 Tbsp. fresh lime juice
- 1 cup. Mango Tea
- ¼ tsp. ground turmeric
- A pinch of kosher salt
- 2½ lb. mixed citrus, such as oranges/grapefruit
- 1 mango, peeled, cut into 1½” cubes
- 2 kiwis, peeled, cut into 1″ pieces
- Crushed red pepper flakes (for serving)
- Extra-virgin olive oil (for drizzling)

Mix ginger, mango tea, carrot juice, lime juice, turmeric, and kosher salt in a small bowl.

Using a knife, remove peel and white pith from citrus, being careful not to remove too much of the flesh. Slice citrus however you want, spoon half of the carrot dressing in a shallow bowl. Arrange citrus, mango, kiwis in a bowl and then spoon remaining dressing over. Top with red pepper flakes and sea salt, then drizzle with oil.


All these recipes need mango tea which now easily within your reach. You can buy mango tea online.

Buy Mango Tea:
Artisanal tea brand Karma Kettle brings a new form of traditional aam panna to you in form of Aam Salaam Green Tea. The tasting notes for this refreshing blend is- juicy mangoes with a hint of raw mango and cumin add a tantalizing sharpness to this tea blend that will tease your taste buds.

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