Top 5 DIY Tea Fragrances for Your Beautiful Home

Fragrances are a great idea for your personal space as it adds freshness to the atmosphere. It has always had a calming and positive effect on one’s mood, degree of stress reduction, quality of sleep and their confidence level. By identifying the fragrances that uplift your senses, you may be able to enhance your health and well-being.

Used in aromatherapy, the calming fragrance of tea has displayed its ability to naturally strengthen and boost immune system health and fight infections. It is beneficial in treating issues that can cause insomnia and its herbaceous scent is a definite mood lifter.

So, if you want your home to smell like a garden in springtime you could go through the hassle of decorating your room with fresh flowers every day, or- you could invest in some DIY home fragrances made with tea.

Now let’s check out the best tea options for making home fragrances that’ll keep your home smelling heavenly all year round.

  • Lychee and Rose Green Tea – A well-balanced mix that is both sweet and fresh at the same time. Never over-powering, this fragrance is an ideal option for anyone who fancies a scent that is subtly present in the background.
  • Peach Jasmine Green Tea – Think of all things floral and fruity with peach and jasmine. This is a delicious fragrance which features notes of tea, generous sweetness (from the peaches) and the just the right amount of floral touch, thanks to the jasmine. It is best used on a relaxing weekend, a fun get-together, over brunch, and so on.
  • Fig and Cardamom Tea – This fragrance is well known for its spicy, edgy woody base. So if you like your fig strong, this is an option for you. This intense match of fig and cardamom is also a great flavour for hot beverages and teas in winters.
  • Matcha Mandarin – It fills your space with the scent of freshly peeled mandarin orange and the subtle essence of matcha. Best used on any relaxing occasion, this combination is fun and calming at the same time, and is the perfect fragrance to uplift a dull setting. The oranges and clove pairing is also widely used in fruitcakes and chocolates during Christmas time.
  • Keya White Tea – This floral delight is a classic option among home fragrances. The light notes of white silver tips tea make the room feel airy, while the rose and strawberries ensure that the room feels fresh and sweet. It is a great option for a relaxing Sunday afternoon or a romantic dinner.

What is extremely important is that one identifies a fragrance that is after their taste to have a long-lasting experience. Here is a user’s guide to making fragrance at home.

You’ll need:

  • Heatproof jars (like mason jars)
  • 4 packages of unflavored gelatin
  • Food colouring
  • Salt
  • Essential oils
  • Tea leaves of choice. (e.g.- Peach Jasmine Green Tea)

Add 1 cup of cold water and 1 tbsp. of salt into a gelatin-dissolved pan. Mix in your tea leaves and essential oils. Let it sit overnight until the gel is set.

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