How to Enjoy a Perfect Rainy Day

Starting from late July and lasting up to the end of September, the Indian monsoon season is nothing short of magical. After the long, scorching summer heat, the heavy rains, cloudy skies, and cool breeze come as a much-needed respite. Not only is it cooler and more comfortable but it is as if the rains breathe new life into all things and rejuvenate the atmosphere. The trees look green and lush, the ponds and streams are overflowing with water, the animals are happy, and it is as if the thirst of the earth has been quenched by the welcome rainfall.

Many of us absolutely love the rainy season. The fresh, earthy smell in the air is strong when we close our eyes. Young or old, the rain makes children out of us all as we sing and dance and play in the rains. Today we’re talking about a few ways to enjoy a rainy day and to make the child within each of us happy!

Sit by the window- Okay hear us out. It’s raining heavily outside and you’re sitting by your bedroom window. You have your favourite book in your hand and there’s a warm blanket wrapped around you. You close your eyes to enjoy the relaxing pitter-patter of the rain falling on the ground. Delicious smells of pakoras being fried are wafting in from the kitchen. You sip on your hot drink as you eagerly wait for the hot pakoras to be brought over by your mother. Could there be a more perfect way to spend a rainy day?!

Long drive- If you are more of the adventurous kind and want to be out and about instead of being curled up with a good book and warm snacks, here’s how you can spend your time on rainy days. You can either do this solo or gather your friends and family and go for a long drive. Rains make everything look beautiful and you can take in the sights from inside your car, jamming to your favourite music. You can even go on bike rides and enjoy the winds and rain if you don’t mind getting a little wet and embrace your wild side.

Romantic date- I think we can all agree that there’s something about the rainy season that makes it really romantic. It may have been all the movies we have grown up watching but there truly is something really beautiful about spending a rainy day with someone you harbor affection for. You can dim the lights, bring out some wine, put on some candles and have a romantic meal by the window at home. Or you can go on a walk in the park and have a little childlike fun splashing in puddles, and singing and dancing in the rain! Not to forget that you can take lovely pictures of your partner in the lush, wet, green background.

Coffee and board games- One more wonderful indoor option to spend a rainy day is to get your family and friends together or even a romantic partner and bust out some board games. To go with this, brew up some delicious, hot coffee and enjoy the day sipping on your hot beverage and indulging in some childlike fun arguing about the rules of Monopoly and Uno. Whether you like some silky chocolate Mocha, toffee-flavoured Caramel and Irish cream, some nutty Hazelnut, or a strong Arabica blend, hot coffee during monsoon is a comfort and a luxury!

These are some of the ways that we could think of to enjoy a perfect rainy day but only off the top of our head. The list of things you can do is endless! Get creative, get silly, and go out there and enjoy this beautiful weather while it lasts.


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