What are Coffee Bags? Why it’s the best?

Is it really possible to prepare a quality cup of coffee with only coffee sachets and no costly equipment? We think so! If you haven't heard of a coffee bag before, then you are in the right place.

What are Coffee Bags?

In essence, coffee bags are similar to tea bags, but instead of tea, they have fresh ground coffee. Therefore, using coffee bags gives you all the flavour of freshly roasted coffee in a convenient, mess-free format.

What do Coffee bags taste like?

Coffee made with coffee bags has the same flavour as freshly filtered coffee. Depending on the brand you choose, coffee bags can have a variety of tastes, but Karma Coffee offers such flavours of coffee that are darkly roasted for the best brewing in a coffee bag. It has a taste that is smooth, mellow, and delicious. A very tasty drink that will tempt you to have another cup.



Enjoy A Barista-Quality Brew In Less Than 5 Minutes

Coffee bags, which are made from freshly ground coffee, are the ideal method to have a rich, great-tasting Italian coffee in less than five minutes. These nifty little coffee bags are for folks who prefer drinking coffee on the go.

Single Serve Coffee Bags VS Instant Coffee

Since freshly roasted coffee beans are ground and packaged in coffee bags, the drinks crafted from them include all of the health benefits which have been tested through studies on coffee drinks to date. 

Mainly, instant coffee incorporates the lowest quality coffee beans, so it significantly influences the flavour. You will notice a clear distinction in the taste and flavour of both coffees when you try them.


How to brew a coffee bag? 

Step 1 - Put the kettle on. Remember to fill the kettle with as much water as you may need. Then brace yourself for an excellent cup of coffee.

Step 2 - Simply dip 1 coffee bag into your favourite mug. The bag is probably a chunk larger than what you’re acquainted with.

Tip - Using a huge mug will permit the bag to brew better and have a full-bodied flavour.

Step 3 - After the water has boiled, wait 30 seconds (you don’t want to burn the coffee) then drench the bag with boiling water. The coffee grounds take in the water and release CO2 and this procedure is referred to as the blooming of the coffee. Each time you brew coffee ensure you don’t burn it. Burning the coffee will give you a sour aftertaste. 

Step 4 - Let your coffee bag sit for 3 to 4 mins. If you generally like your coffee strong then remove it in 4 mins, in case you decide upon a lighter finish then 3 mins ought to be plenty. The espresso bag will inflate a little, while it does, press it towards the side of your mug a few times, simply to ensure you’re extracting as much of that coffee goodness as possible.

Step 5 - If you want your coffee with milk, make sure you squeeze all the water from the espresso bag then add some and sit back and enjoy. It’s as clean as that!


Don't Forget About Karma Coffee’s Great Tasting Coffee Bags

We recently launched our own line of coffee bags, featuring Wake Me up - Arabica Blend, Hazelnut, Mocha & Irish Cream and Caramel in our Coffetopia box and Coromandel Filter Coffee along with Kaveri Single Origin which pays a tribute to our very own South Indian Coffee with our Deccan Days gift box. 

We developed coffee bags as an easier way to make quality coffee without a mess or expensive filter machine. To get started, simply put the kettle on to boil and voila you are all set to have the best coffee experience.

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