The Ultimate Guide to Peony White Tea

Peony White Tea is an exclusive form of white tea made purely of young tea leaves and silver unopened tea buds. This distinguished tea is a crafty blend of mildly sweet fruity notes giving out intricate flavors to keep you aroused. White Peony Tea is often referred to as Bai Mu Dan. White Peony tea is one of the most popular white teas consumed by the Chinese.



In contrast to black and green teas known for their bold flavors, White teas are light and delicate and extremely low in caffeine. White teas contain only 50 mg of caffeine per 250 ml cup.

 White tea is derived from the buds & leaves of Camellia Sinensis which makes it highly packed with antioxidants and is an incredibly healthy beverage. White tea has impressive health benefits like it lowers the risk of heart diseases and cancer, improves brain functioning, helps against Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, helps fight skin ageing, improves the overall immune system and may also promote weight loss.

 Process of making white tea

White tea is a minimally processed tea unlike other teas and hence it does not go through the oxidation process like green and black teas. Right after harvesting, the tea leaves are dried quickly so they are not exposed to oxygen for extended periods. Making white tea usually involves the following three steps: 


Young, unopened buds and the first leaf of a tea plant are used to make most high-grade white teas. The procedure of plucking white tea is dispensed early in the flush when a tea plant is at its prime growth stage. The shoots are typically plucked only in the first few days of the flush and under temperate conditions. Plucking conditions extensively affect the quality of the white tea.



The procedure of allowing the leaves to wilt for a specified period refers to withering.  The process of making white tea begins with the plucking of tea buds which are then spread on withering pans and left to wilt for 3 days (72 hours). The method is typically performed under controlled conditions.



Three days of withering draw out much of the moisture from the tea leaves. However, to ensure the longer conservation of the white tea, the buds/leaves are fired or dried in an oven at around 110°C, this is known as drying. Drying allows the moisture content in the tea to drop to a little less than 1%.

Long-life eyebrow, silver needle tea, and tribute eyebrow are the other kinds of white teas available; however white peony is the most popular choice of White tea. Karma Kettle's Peony White Tea comes with aroma as well as exquisite taste and is filled with antioxidants, carrying massive health benefits for your body’s well-being!

 Brewing and flavor:


 Please use mineral water in the preparation of Peony white tea,

Step 1- Add 1-2 teaspoons of Karma Kettle Peony White tea to a teapot

Step 2- Add hot water of about 70-80°C, make sure that you do not add boiling water, you shall need to wait 1-2 minutes before pouring

Step 3- Brew for 2-3 minutes

Step 4- Strain to pour out into a teacup

Brewing white peony tea evokes a very mild and floral peony aroma.

 Things to keep in mind:

Do not use boiling water - bringing the water to a rolling boil and then letting it sit for up to a minute is ideal for making white tea.

Add a generous amount of tea leaves as white teas are less dense and compact than other teas.

Steeping the tea a little longer than usual is recommended to magnify the flavor and experience.

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