Its not raining men, but you must have a monsoon survival kit packed with essentials! (Hint: Tea is one of them)

We all remember those lines - Rain, rain go away, come again another day. We also love the lovely feeling that rains shower us with and how we get to enjoy MORE TEA. Monsoon evokes a mixed bag of emotions. 


Gone are the days where the pluviophile inside us would hurry to the terrace to enjoy the first showers of the season or just dance in the rain. It's 2021 and we are more careful about our health than ever before!

water droplets


Since we can’t control the weather, we can surely be ready with the essentials to keep us ready for the monsoon and the extreme weather changes it brings. Thus, to save you from the ordeal of thinking and figuring out the right products yourself, we present our Karma Kettle monsoon survival kit that you need to level up your activities this season, whether its rushing to work or going shopping while its pouring.

This kit comprises the essentials along with our immunity boosting teas.

    1. Waterproof bag: First things first, a regular bag does not suffice the northwesters. Check this bag out from Quechua. Its cute and portable!
    2. Umbrella: The weather Gods might change their mood anytime. So make sure you keep an umbrella handy. Here’s a quirky one from The Souled Store to brighten up those gloomy colours!
    3. Sanitizer: This is a no-brainer. This watermelon sanitizer is a mix of cuteness and essentiality.
    4. Extra gloves: for extra protection.
    5. Mask: The masks we wear are prone to damage so why not keep an extra one? Chumbak has some adorable masks.
    6. Phone and powerbank in a waterproof bag: it is necessary to keep our digital identities waterproof. Here’s a colourful power bank by Phillips.
    7. Wallet: We live in a digital world but keeping some cash can always be helpful! Check this wallet out from Allen Solly.
    8. A pack of Karma Kettle Immunity boosting teas: Adding elements that may build immunity to your monsoon diet can help keep infections at bay. Our teas help you stay hydrated and infuse nutrients like turmeric, Gangajal, Moringa and Ashwagandha. These superfoods are rich in antioxidants and manage cough and cold ailments. Here are our 3 handy immunity boosting blends:
      Chakra: Organic Green tea with Galangal and TurmericAshwagandha: Organic ashwagandha tea
      Ananda: Green tea with tulsi
      : A healthy and tasty solution for those long rides. Assorted flavours here!
      10. Wet wipes / Napkins: Here are some refreshing wet wipes by Kara
      11. Coin bags: Coin bags are an absolutely essential to keep all those tiny coins in one place. Check out this cute Indigo coin pouch from Kiesha
      12. Pee safe: Keep this spray by Pee Safe handy too.

And a cherry on the top, these tins can be upcycled and used as planters too.

If you are a coffee person, Country Bean coffee mix is something you should try.

tea and monsoons


So, are you ready for the monsoon?

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