Four Must-have Tea Accessories for Loose Leaf Tea Lovers

For someone just getting into the world of tea, it can feel like…a lot. The multitudes of varietals, methods of brewing, drinking practices, storage and the list goes on. Very intimidating right? But it doesn’t have to be. The beauty of tea lies in its simplicity. All you need to do is brew yourself a cup, sit down by the window and enjoy! The rest will become clearer with time. The following is a list of tea accessories that you should acquire for loose leaf teas, that will make the entire process smoother and enjoyable. 


  1. Tea infuser - An elegant, telescopic tea infuser that is very easy to operate on the go. The ball can be opened by pressing a spring-operated lever in the middle. Once open, tea leaves are added inside the ball. Simply put the infuser, with the tea leaves inside, into a cup of hot water. Within minutes you have a nice, hot cup of tea. Moreover, the leftover leaves inside the infuser can be reused. The portability and light weight of the infuser make it a brilliant option for those travelling, or for those at work. 

  2. Glass teapot - Brew multiple high-quality cups of tea with this brilliant teapot. Made from premium quality, heat-resistant and durable glass and paired with a sturdy steel infuser that has an ultra-fine mesh, it is all you need to up your brewing game and make your life easier.

  3. Brass teaspoon - A stylish, quirky brass teaspoon to add a dash of elegance and act as a conversation piece. Moreover, it helps you measure out your loose leaf tea accurately to ensure a top-notch cup of tea each time. It enhances the overall tea-drinking process and also makes for a great gift for your tea-loving friends. 

  4. Infuser teacup - A durable, double-walled glass infuser teacup with strainer and lid to brew premium whole leaf teas. This infuser allows the user to watch the beautiful process of the tea leaves unfurl or brew, making the process more enjoyable and pleasing. 

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