8 ingredients that make your tea refreshing and help with immunity

8 ingredients that make your tea refreshing and help with immunity

We have all  grown up thinking that there existed only two varieties of tea. Regular chai with milk, laced with some aromatic spices, a magic that only our moms knew, and the uncommon green tea that was available in specialty shops in tea bag sachets, served to rather health-conscious guests who didn't like chai. We do not blame the latter. After all, we are what we eat and that includes our choice of tea too.

milk tea

Cut to Karma Kettle's launch in 2015 and soon we realized that tea wasn't just black and milky, it was an exploration of various tea leaves, blends, botanicals, fruits, spices, and a whole bunch of ingredients power-packed with unique health properties. Chamomile helps us destress its calming properties while Tulsi being an essential ayurvedic herb, helps with digestion


Today, we cannot imagine a day spent without savouring any of our specially-blended organic teas. Green tea blends help us get through our workouts, iced teas make amazing summer treats, herbal teas help us relax, and evening chai is a toss up between sulaimani, masala chai, chilli chai, or paan chai. So many permutations and combinations to tantalize our taste buds, are a healthy alternative and transform our mood in 10 minutes. This is why we love our teas and snacks that come along with it.

paan chai

Turns out, India’s history with tea before the British rule was to use it as medicine, in small quantities and without milk. Ayurveda has long promoted tea for its healing properties and tulsi, elaichi, pudina teas have been used to treat ailments for many centuries. All these teas were served without milk. It was the British who introduced the art of adding milk to our teas.

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A lot of people still consider flowers and fruits to be unusual tea ingredients. We can only imagine their surprise when they discover the variety of botanicals, herbs and spices in our master blender's arsenal. Little do they know, they are packed with health benefits! It is important to have all these ingredients freshly sourced and in small batches to ensure good quality. 

floral teas

Here are 8 teas packed with ingredients that make these teas our happy, healthy friend!

  1. Seville: Oolong tea with orange & spices that rejuvenates your skin
  2. Marrakech: Organic green tea with spearmint that offers relief during menstrual cramps and help with PCOS
  3. Ayurvedic Chai: Organic chai with ashwagandha, brahmi and turmeric, rich in antioxidants
  4. Gulmarg:  Authentic kahwa from Kashmir to keep the cold away
  5. Tahiti: A herbal blend of Strawberries, Cockscomb & Hibiscus that instantly refreshes you
  6. Bliss: Chamomile and Lemongrass blend to promote sleep
  7. Moringa: Organic Moringa blend with anti-inflammatory properties
  8. Matcha Turmeric Moringa: Matcha powder, Moringa powder, Turmeric powder - the ultimate holistic infusion

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