5 tea blends for springtime

Gentle warm weather, spring showers, and lanes filled with colorful blooms tells us only one thing - SPRING IS HERE! It’s finally warming up and we’re ready to celebrate all things Spring. Even if spring is short lived, there are many ways to capture spring flowers and carry them with us throughout the year. Pictures, painted canvases, pressed flowers and our favorite method: drinking spring teas! Here are our favorite picks for the best teas for Springtime!

Floral White teas 

Whether the first spring shoots are peeping up after their winter hibernation, or you’re just dreaming of tulips and daffodils, floral teas are sure to get you in the spring spirit. Light and aromatic with just a hint of natural sweetness, floral white teas are delicate and dreamy. Indulge in our favorite white teas which are just perfect for spring.

  • Birdsong - Birdsong is a harmonious white tea with a relaxing floral aroma of lavender which brings beauty to the teacup. Premium silver tips white tea is paired with selected lavender flowers and cockscomb flowers. Birdsong is a delicate tea with subtle floral aromas and a sweet lingering finish. birdsong

  • Nightingale - Karma Kettle's Nightingale is a musical blend that perfectly pairs premium silver tips white tea to alluring blue peaflower and aromatic jasmine. The resulting brew has a striking soothing blue color filled with sweet notes of jasmine
    Tip: Squeeze a lemon and watch the colour of the brew change to violet.nightingale

Aromatic Green tea infusions

Rose green tea has a delicate floral flavor and a smooth finish, and can be made using  rose petals, buds, or rosehips. Sipping a rose tea may conjure images of rose gardens blooming in abundance during springtime! Rose green tea scented with exotic lychee yields a unique sweet and slightly fruity cup!

  • Rose Green Tea with Lychee - a light, sweet and flowery drink just perfect for spring! Get ready to reach a Zen state of mind with this tea inspired by the Far East. Rose and lychee strike a perfect harmony with fruity notes, creating an infusion  that balances the mind, body and spirit.lychee_and_rose


This spring, greet your nose with aromas of jam and continue into the palate mingled with tart notes from hibiscus. Strawberry Hibiscus tea has a history as colorful and vibrant as its brightly-hued petals. It is heavily consumed in tropical and subtropical climates like the Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia, the Caribbean, and various regions of Africa since the beginning of time.

  • Very Berry - Organic Strawberry Hibiscus Green tea Very Berry tea is a refreshing spring brew bursting with the fruity, tart flavours of strawberries and hibiscus. We'd like to think of this tea as a "Berry detox tea" that is packed with essential antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that strengthen the body's  immunity and leave you feeling energized. Enjoy this healthy herbal spring  brew hot or  iced- it works great both ways!very_berry

Peace in a cup

Jasmine is known for its intoxicating fragrance and storied history. For many, the perfumed smell of jasmine is reminiscent of gentle summer nights and starry skies, and may invoke feelings of serenity, confidence, or hope. Sipping jasmine tea is a wonderful way to experience the fresh, dewy, pleasant aroma of jasmine anytime you desire.

  • Shanti - Jasmine Green Tea - Shanti is an aromatic wellness tea combining the goodness of premium green tea with select jasmine blossoms. Green jasmine tea has been drunk for centuries in the   Far East and is rich in antioxidants which have a host of health benefits. It is also said to  promote a healthy glowing skin. This fragrant tea shall rejuvenate  your mind. shanti

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