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Silver tips white tea with lavender and cockscomb


Silver tips white tea, lavender buds, cockscomb flower
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Product Description

Birdsong is a tea which brings beauty to the teacup. Premium silver tips white tea is paired with select lavender flowers and cockscomb flowers. The result is a delicate tea with subtle floral aromas and a sweet lingering finish. 

      Tasting Notes

      Birdsong is a harmonious white tea with a relaxing floral aroma of lavender. Cockscomb flowers render a beautiful pink colour to the brew. In the palate, Subtle earthy and fruit notes from silver tips white tea with low astringency and a sweet rounded finish.
      Brew Cup

      Brew The Perfect Cup

      • 1 tea spoon/2 gms
      • 85°C
      • 3 min
      • No

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      Questions & Answers

      1. What are the benefits of drinking Birdsong white tea with lavender and cockscomb?
      White tea is low in caffeine, rich in antioxidants and promotes healthy skin. Lavender provides a calming aroma, which helps manage stressCockscomb flower improves digestion. Together they make for a holistic tea blend that positvely impacts your mind and body.