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Genmaicha green tea

Mount Fuji

Sencha green tea, roasted red rice, roasted brown rice, roasted maize corn
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Inspired by the Japanese love for tea, Karma Kettle's Mount Fuji is a Genmaicha green tea blend which is delicate and full of nutty tasting notes.

Genmaicha tea has been drunk for centuries by the Japanese and consists of green tea with roasted brown rice, an earthy brew that will leave you feeling energized!

      Tasting Notes

      With aromas of roasted corn and nuts, the Mount Fuji Genmaicha Green Tea brews to a delicate light yellow colour. The palate yields subtle notes of grassy and nutty flavours. It ends with a well balanced savoury finish.
      Brew Cup

      Brew The Perfect Cup

      • 1 teaspoon
      • 85°C
      • 3-5 mins
      • No

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      Questions & Answers

      1. What is Genmaicha tea? 
      Genmaicha is a type of Japanese tea blended with roasted and popped brown rice (“genmai” means brown rice). Before being added to Japanese tea, the brown rice is steamed and roasted. The form of the roasted brown rice looks like that of popcorn, just smaller in size.  The Japanese tea usually used for genmaicha is bancha, but in some cases, higher grade Japanese teas such as sencha and gyokuro are also used. Thanks to the added popped brown rice, genmaicha has the fragrance of rice crackers as well as the distinctive aroma of the typical Japanese tea

      2. What are the benefits of Genmaicha tea? 
      Genmaicha tea contains high antioxidants and catechins which improve overall immunity of the body. Genmaicha tea may help regulate blood sugar levels in the body. Brown and red rice in Genmaicha contain selenium, which acts as a powerful antioxidant.