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Organic Assam Tea


Organic Assam black tea
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Our Kaziranga organic black tea pays tribute to the diversity of Assam. A true representation of an Assam tea, it has bold and complex flavours. Our organic Assam black tea is named after the region of its production in North East India.

You can now enjoy our organic Assam black tea in loose leaf or pyramid teabags


Tasting Notes

Our Kaziranga organic Assam black tea brew is bright orange coppery black tea that is rich as well as robust with sweet, caramel and malty flavour notes.
Brew Cup

Brew The Perfect Cup

  • 1 teaspoon
  • 100°C
  • 3-4 min
  • Optional

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Questions & Answers

1. Who discovered tea in Assam?
Assam tea owes its discovery to Robert Bruce, a Scottish gentleman who noticed Assam tea plants growing wild near Rangpur, in the hills, way back in 1823 when he was on a trading mission. It was here that Bruce was acquainted with Bessa Gam who was the local Singpho chief. He showed Bruce how local tribesmen (known as the Singhpos) to brew tea from leaves of this bush. Bruce made an arrangement with the tribal chief to give him samples of these tea leaves with seeds, as he planned on having them scientifically examined. Robert Bruce passed away a few years later, never having seen this plant being properly classified

2. History of Tea production in Assam 
The first company that was set up for making and growing this tea was called the Assam Tea Company and started in the year 1839. In the coming years, Assam Tea kept spreading its realm and by 1862, the Assam Tea business comprised of over 160 gardens all owned by 5 public companies along with 57 private players. It was later that the government decided to appoint a special commission for enquiring about every aspect of this company. Today, Assam Tea generates huge revenue amounts and is one of the most favoured tea in the country

3. What does Assam tea taste like?
Assam teas are known for their brisk and robust flavours and typically pair well with milk

4. What are the tea grades produced in Assam? 
Assam tea region is known for producing CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) variety of teas. Popular grades produced in Assam include the whole leaf, broken leaf, fannings, and dust. It is also know for producing Orthodox teas