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Hojicha and Chamomile tea

Hojicha green tea with chamomile flakes

Hojicha tea, Chamomile flakes
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Product Description

Enjoy the rich and naturally sweet taste of Japanese roasted green tea, a reddish-brown color loose leaf tea and chamomile. 

Hojicha is made by slowly roasting tightly rolled dried tea leaves, stems, stalks, or twigs resulting in a loose leaf tea. It is a tea thought to originate in Kyoto, Japan. 

Hojicha is great for unwinding in the evening. If you are sensitive to caffeine or want to reduce your caffeine intake, Hojicha is the tea for you as it contains only about 7.7 mg of caffeine per cup

Tasting Notes

Very easy to drink cup with mellow sweetness, nutty flavour tingled with floral aroma of chamomile
Brew Cup

Brew The Perfect Cup

  • 1 teaspoon
  • 85°C
  • 3-4 mins
  • No

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Questions & Answers

1. What is Hojicha tea?
Hojicha is made by slowly roasting tightly rolled dried tea leaves, stems, stalks, or twigs resulting in a loose leaf tea. Hojicha Tea, unlike similar but different green teas, is reddish-brown in color. When the leaves are roasted, the bitterness is removed, and the Hojicha takes on a nice earthy scent and the attractive reddish-brown color.

2. Does Hojicha and Chamomile contain caffeine?
Yes but only a trace amount- it is low caffeine and can safely be drunk several times through the day.

3. How is hojicha different from sencha or matcha?
The main difference between sencha or matcha is the color. Although both are considered Japanese green teas, matcha is bright green in color. The lower the grade of matcha, the less vibrant the color. Click here to see the in-depth difference between sencha and matcha.
Hojicha, on the other hand, is more of a reddish-brown in color. (see below image difference between Hojicha and Sencha) The hue will vary depending on whether it came from the Sencha, Bancha, or Kukicha green tea.

Matcha will have a more vegetal aroma while Hojicha, in its roasted green tea form, will have more of an earthy umami aroma to it. Matcha is quite bitter while Hojicha has a sweeter and even smokey flavor to it.

Hojicha has a much lower caffeine content than matcha at about 0.13 g of caffeine for every 100 g while matcha is upwards of about 3.2 g of caffeine for every 100 g.

Hojicha tea leaves are steamed before being dried while matcha is made by grinding the dried leaves into a very fine powder. Hojicha can also be ground into a fine powder, but it is typically in loose tea form.