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Himalayan Highlights

Handwoven Cane Eco-Friendly Pouches 50g

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Freshly picked leaves that promise a delicate taste and unique aroma.

If your idea of the perfect gift includes giving the best tea experience and being kind to the environment, then you are in the right place!

As a homegrown brand, Karma Kettle strongly believes in the concept of zero-waste, and we are constantly moving towards sustainability and organic products. Introducing our eco-friendly pouches, which are intricately handcrafted with palm leaves, to serve as sustainable alternatives in our daily lives to make them more healthy and natural.



Darjeeling first flush: The season's finest First Flush Darjeeling tea is the first pick of the season, which has a light, zesty and brisk flavour and a delicate amber hue. Darjeeling first flush organic black tea has a light, medium bodied, floral flavor and is best enjoyed without milk. It brews to a vibrant cup with hints of muskmelon or cantaloupe fruits. It ends with a succulent lingering finish.

Darjeeling second flush: The season's finest Second flush Darjeeling tea is the second pick of the season, which has a distinct muscatel note and lingering finish. This classic Darjeeling second flush tea is exquisite with tones of muscat (a variety of grape), orange, earth, and wood. It is medium-bodied, finely balanced and rounded with a smooth finish.

Batasia: Our Batasia Darjeeling organic black tea is a single estate tea handpicked from a boutique Darjeeling tea estate. This tea has considerably less astringency than other black teas and encompasses more layers and complexities than a typical black tea. With a delicate aroma, it brews to a bright yellow cup and embodies the flavours of white fruits such as cantaloupe or honeydew. This is perfectly rounded off with a creamy finish.

Singalila: Singalila is our authentic single estate green tea offering handpicked from a boutique Darjeeling tea estate. With considerably less astringency and a lot more layers and complexity than regular green teas, Singalila green tea gives you a delicate drinking experience to be savoured everyday. Singalila green tea is a light to medium bodied, pale yellow tea. It has a pleasurable floral aroma on the nose and rounds off to a sweet delicate finish.

Kaziranga: Our Kaziranga organic black tea pays tribute to the diversity of Assam. A true representation of an Assam tea, it has bold and complex flavours. Our organic Assam black tea is named after the region of its production in North East India. It is a bright orange coppery black tea that is rich as well as robust with sweet, caramel and malty flavour notes.

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