How to brew Chai?

Chai is a cuppa of emotion in India. A drink so versatile that enables one to create flavours and conversations you love. The beauty of chai is that it is comforting to drink made with a variety of spices that deliver bold flavours to the teacup. Every house has their very own version of this must have beverage.

Brewing a cup of chai can be as easy as dropping a tea bag in hot water or as complex as grinding your own spices be it masala chai, cutting chai or plain simple adrak wali chai (ginger tea). The result is a creamy cup of black tea subtly spiced and fragrant with just the right amount of sweetness, so near perfect that will make you come home to make a pot of this tea anytime.

Here is a quick and easy step-by-step guide to make an enjoyable cup of chai every time!

Here's what you'll need to make 100ml of chai-

  1. 2-3 grams of loose-leaf chai
  2. A large pan
  3. 70 ml of water
  4. 30 ml of milk
  5. Infuser teapot and a kulhad cup (earthen cup)
  6. Sugar to taste


Take a large pan, measure and add 70 ml of water. Bring it to a boil.



Add 2-3 teaspoon or 2-3 grams loose leaf tea to the pan.


Stir the pan continuously after adding tea and bring the concoction to a boiling point. Allow it to boil for 2 minutes.



Add 30 ml of fresh milk to the pan and allow it to boil for another 2-3 minutes until the desired colour is achieved.


Strain the tea in an infuser tea pot.



Pour the tea in a kulhad cup and serve with cookies and snacks.