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Jasmine Green Tea With Peach

Zen Collection

Green tea, jasmine buds, natural peach flavour, natural jasmine flavour
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This classic aromatic jasmine green tea has a fruity twist- green tea leaves are combined with quality jasmine flowers and juicy peach to form a magical infusion that is harmonious and shall transport you to a Zen state of mind!

Jasmine green tea has been drunk for centuries in China- it is associated with rejuvenating the skin and strengthening the immunity. 
We recommend you drink it in the afternoons or early evening

About the Zen Collection
Our Zen Collection of teas is inspired by flavours and aromas from the Far East. These infusions strike a perfect harmony with floral and fruity notes, creating an infusion that balances the mind, body and spirit. 


      Tasting Notes

      Lovely aromatic notes of jasmine greet the nose which continue into the palate with floral jasmine notes and juicy peach. Hints of herby, grassy notes are also present. Finish is sweet, fruity, and well rounded.
      Brew Cup

      Brew The Perfect Cup

      • 1 teabag
      • 85°C
      • 3 mins
      • No

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      Questions & Answers

      What is Jasmine green tea?
      There are many varieties of jasmine green tea but like the name describes it's green tea with jasmine flowers

      What are the benefits of Jasmine green tea? 
      Jasmine green tea has been drunk for centuries in the Far East. Like all green teas it is rich in antioxidants and catechins which help strengthen your immunity. It also rejuvenates skin and is a natural stress buster.

      Why Jasmine green tea with peach? 
      There are many varietals of jasmine green tea. In one of our many experiments with creating green tea blends- we added a natural peach flavouring to our jasmine green tea- the result was nothing short of magical. We have a unique blend that beautifully balances floral and fruity tones. 

      Is Jasmine Green tea with peach healthy?
      Yes it belongs to a category of green teas that are considered to be super healthy due to its many health benefits

      Does Jasmine green tea with peach contain caffeine?
      Yes, it contains what we'd like to describe as moderate/ medium caffeine