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Cupid's Choice Gift Box

Birdsong- Silvertips white tea, lavender flowers, cockscombe flowers
Keya- Silvertips white tea, rose, fennel, strawberry
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Product Description

 Express your love with tea! Our bespoke Cupid's gift box features a choice between two exotic floral white tea blends along with an elegant tea spoon.

50 gms Premium Loose Leaf White Tea.

ABOUT THE TEAS (choose between Birdsong and Keya):

Birdsong is a tea which brings beauty to the teacup. Premium silver tips white tea is paired with select lavender flowers and cockscomb flowers. The result is a delicate tea with subtle floral aromas and a sweet lingering finish.

Keya is a delightful floral tea that blends the muscatel notes of white tea with red rose, pink rose, strawberries, and fennel creating an aromatic tea that celebrates the spirit of the season of love.

DIMENSIONS: 4 in x 3 in x 4 in



Tasting Notes

BIRDSONG- Birdsong is a harmonious white tea with a relaxing floral aroma of lavender. Cockscomb flowers render a beautiful pink colour to the brew.  The palate reveals subtle earthy and fruit notes from silver tips white tea with low astringency and a sweet rounded finish.

KEYA- With the heady floral aromas of rose, our Keya white tea brews to a pale colour. The palate incorporates subtle floral and berry flavours with a sweet lingering finish.

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