How to make cold brew tea?

Cold Brew iced teas is a new take on the world’s most consumed drink. It is a complete game changer. The slow and gentle steeping process results in a smooth tasting tea as the flavour is slowly extracted over several hours.

Tannins, which make tea bitter, aren’t steeped out of the tea in cold water the way it does in hot water. This means no more bitter iced tea!If you are trying to reduce your caffeine intake, then switch to cold brew tea. It is fun and convenient to prepare and brings out a sweet flavour, so no additional sweetener is required.

Here is what you will need-

  1. Teabag of your choice
  2. A glass bottle or a jug
  3. 400 ml of water (room temperature)
  4. Tall Glass


Take a glass bottle or a jug and add a teabag of your choice. The steeping time will depend on the type of tea selected. If it’s a black tea then 8-10 hours, a green or a white tea then 6-8 hours and if it’s a herbal tea or tisane then 10-12 hours.


Add 400 ml water to the bottle.


Close the lid of the bottle and refrigerate it. Make sure the bottle is airtight.


After about 8-10 hours take out the bottle and Voila! Your cold brew tea is ready!


Pour it in a tall glass and enjoy!